Monday, August 31, 2009

College Football Predictions for 2009 Season

It's about time season! And with that comes the predictions that are surely to be wrong (or maybe right). Here's the predictions for this year:

First, here's my predicions for the conference champions:
ACC: Virginia Tech
Big 12: Texas
Big East: Rutgers
Big Ten: Penn State
Conference USA: Southern Miss
Mid-American: Western Michigan
Mountain West: TCU
Pac-10: California
SEC: Ole Miss
Sun Belt: Troy
WAC: Boise State

Other predictions:Washington will make a bowl game (definitely pie in the sky I know)
Heisman winner: Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
National Championship: Texas vs. Penn State
National Champion: Texas

So there you go, feel free to agree or disagree and give your opinion on the subject.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Record Breaking Night...Eighth Royals Game in Review

Yesterday, I took in my eighth Royals game in review. It was also the fourth time seeing the Royals vs. the Cleveland Indians and the third time seeing Zack Grienke match up against the Indians (the fourth time seeing him pitch was against the A's). It was also T-Shirt Tuesday which meant a free t-shirt as well :)

Anytime Zack takes the mound, it is the chance to see something special and last night was no exception. He ended up breaking the team record for strikeouts in a game with 15 through 8 innings.

The team helped out by scoring 6 runs and ended up winning the game 6-2. The Royals are now 5-3 in games I've attended this season. Given how that looks compared to the record when I don't attend, they might think about giving me free season tickets or something :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Royals Seventh Game In Review

Yesterday, I took in my second Royals game in four days. This time I went as a Royals fan again. They took on the Oakland A's. It was also a giveaway night. It was Frank White Hall of Fame Figurine Night. He's a player who was big during the 70s and 80s when the Royals were really good and he's in the Royals hall of fame.

The game itself ended up being good. It didn't start out well as they were down 3-0 early but turned it around and scored a plenty of runs. At one point they were up 12-3 before a few runs late ended the game at 12-6.

The Royals are 4-3 in games I've attended. I'm at least planning one more trip maybe two before the end of the season. At least for this night, it ended up being a good one.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mariners/Royals...Sixth Royals Game of 2009 in Review

Yesterday I was able to take in my first baseball game in over two months. Fittingly, it was the Royals/Mariners, the second time this year I've seen these two teams play. Of course, I was supporting the Mariners wearing my Griffey jersey and M's hat.

It was 80's night at the ballpark. There was 80's music played throughout and some people dressed like it was the 80's. It was also Buck Night which meant hot dogs, cokes, peanuts and programs were $1 each.

The game itself was a good least for a Mariners fan. Lots of runs put up, including 6 in the 4th inning. There were some Royals highlights including a home run by Billy Butler and one by Alex Gordon. That along with a cat running around on the field were pretty much the only cheering moments the Royals had as the M's took the game 11-6.

I was very happy as this was the first time the Mariners had beaten the Royals at a game I've went to (they were 0-2 in previous attempts) though I felt bad for the Royals as they've went in the tank since I saw them last in May. Right now they're 3-3 in games I've attended. Hopefully they'll at least get competitive in the month and half of the season.