Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Sports Reflections

Some quick hit reflections:

*I'm happy to hear that Michael Vick has really turned his life around.  I talked last time about forgiveness when it comes to Randy Moss.  It could definitely apply to Michael Vick as well, maybe even more so.  What Vick did with the dogfighting was wrong and he was punished for it.  The fact that he has shown contrition and has turned things around is good to hear.  I hope that he continues on this path and that it continues to be a good story.

*What happened with Vince Young yesterday was sad to hear.  I know there are both sides to a story and that probably we won't know the whole thing.  But there are certain things that have to be taken away from it.  1) No matter how frustrated you get, you don't storm out of a meeting with your boss.  2) You don't cuss out under your breath at your boss when he's in the room during a meeting.  3) If your job is to address people after an event, you don't ignore those people when things don't go your way.

I like Vince Young.  But I know that one has to be responsible for their actions whether it be standing up and taking responsibility when an incident happens or being apologetic when you don't react appropriately.  I keep thinking Vince will reach that level of maturity that comes from experience.  But it hasn't happened yet.  I'm thinking at this point, he might need a change of scenery to get that maturity.  The sad thing is that it detracts from a season where the Titans are still right in it.  Hopefully, they'll turn it around and make a run for a deep playoff push.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Many Times Must I Forgive....Randy Moss?

To preface this entry let me say that I'm a huge Titans fan, have been for a very long time.

When news about Randy Moss being released popped up on Monday, I was shocked.  He had just been traded to Minnesota from New England four games ago and for the most part was producing.  It was official on Tuesday and he was on the waiver wire for about 24 hours.  He was promptly picked up by Tennessee who was 22nd of 31 teams to be able to pick him up.  They were also the only team to put in a waiver.

Randy Moss is without a doubt a talented WR.  Some experts say that he has a genius football IQ.  He is loved by his teammates but not so much by coaches, management and the media.  In his early years, he got in trouble with the law but has in recent years stayed out of trouble in that sense.  He is on his third team this season.

I've had friends comment on my facebook or tweet to me their concerns about picking up Moss.  One even laughed and said "Good luck with that."  I've thought about it and several thoughts come to mind.  First, forgiveness.  He talked himself out of New England because the Patriots weren't willing to commit to a new, huge contract (aside from Brady is typical) and he was upset about it.  He gets traded to a Vikings team that wasn't doing well, had a head coach that was trying to keep things afloat and a QB that had controversy surrounding him. It was a bad situation and it kind of boiled over and it got to the point where Vikings HC Brad Childress couldn't handle it and cut him without consulting anyone.

Where does forgiveness come in?  Moss has made mistakes.  He is a good player but he has made mistakes.  At what point do you quit forgiving him?  I'm reminded of the time where Peter asked Jesus how many times he was to forgive when someone sinned against him and threw out seven times.  Jesus responded "I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven."  (Matthew 18:22)  Those who are followers of Jesus are called to forgive again and again so that we lose count.  Is it easy to forgive?  No it's not but it's something believers are called to do.

I personally don't know Randy Moss.  I would probably say I'm like 20 something degrees of separation from him (random number, I don't know it might be more or less).  But what I do know is he is human just like me.  He has a sinful nature just like me.  He makes mistakes just like me.  And I hope that he knows that he is forgiven just like me by Jesus Christ.

Second, I hope this story has a good ending.  I would love to see him come to the Titans and play well (and along with that the Titans go to the Super Bowl and win).  More importantly, I'd hope that he comes to Nashville and finds a home and people to be supportive and show the love of Jesus to Him.  I hope that if he doesn't have that relationship with Christ that he starts that relationship.  And if he does have one, I hope that it is strengthened.

Too often it's easy to dismiss or laugh about an athlete and one who's gotten himself (or herself) in trouble.  It's another to forgive, especially one who has needed forgiveness multiple times.  I'm not perfect but I'm striving to be more like Jesus, this includes forgiving others....including Randy Moss