Friday, November 4, 2011

How a Christian Can Be a Critic of Tim Tebow & Still Like the Guy

There have been a lot of articles (and by a lot I mean an exorbitant amount) written about Tim Tebow.  There have been a lot of them written recently.  Some of them are really good and some of them not so much.  For a lot of people, the Denver Broncos QB is a polarizing figure.  From where he went to college, to his faith, there seems to be a lot of reasons why people choose to be on opposite sides.

The problem comes when there is criticism (whether constructive or not) is placed on Tebow.  On one side, any level of criticism regardless is seen as a personal attack on him.  On the other side, people feel he gets a free pass and that he's been given a lot considering where he is and done.

Where do I stand on the matter?  Given that I am a follower of Jesus, my worldview is in line with Tebow's.  I don't know all his theological stands (I've never met him nor talked with him) but from what I've read and heard they are in line.

So do I feel that people who criticize him are persecuting him because of his faith?  Not necessarily.  Now granted there are some who are critical of him because of his faith but I'm sure they would be critical of me or any other Christian as well.  But those who share criticism (particularly constructive criticism) are doing it of Tebow the player, not Tebow the person.

Right now he is a second year NFL QB.  He has had at this point 5 NFL starts in 2 seasons.  He has shown to make some spectacular plays.  He has also looked really really bad.  He was drafted by and for a head coach in Denver who is no longer there.  He is under a head coach that didn't want him and for all intents and purposes still doesn't want him.  There are some fundamental things as a QB he needs to learn to do (read defenses, anticipate throws, throw the ball to open receivers) that are slow in developing.  Does this mean he is a bad person or that is challenging his faith?  By no means.  It's simply stating facts.

Tebow has been hurt in his development as an NFL QB because of the coaching change with the Broncos along with the NFL lockout which cut out the offseason of minicamps & a full training camp which would've benefited him greatly.  It doesn't help that Cam Newton, who came from a similar style system in college & who was once Tebow's backup at Florida before transferring, has come out of the gate like gangbusters in his rookie year.

I like Tebow, despite the fact that he went to Florida.  I think he needs to improve if he wants to be a starting QB in the NFL.  I'm sure he understands that as well and is working hard to improve.  Being critical about his timing or his tendency to take a lot of sacks is not the same thing about being critical about his faith.  A Christian can be a critic of Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos QB and still like and support Tim Tebow the person.