Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Comparing Charlie Sheen & "Pacman" Jones: A Case Study

Given the news that's been going on the past several days regarding Charlie Sheen, I've been thinking a lot about the way he's acted and the things he's said.  I've tried to figure out the best way to address it.  And then comes along an article from Yahoo Sports on a person who has been written about several times on this blog:  Adam "Pacman" Jones.  I figured it'd be a great time to address the two.

Charlie Sheen, like "Pacman" several years ago, pretty much is living life with reckless abandon.  Sheen is partying it up both inside his home and outside of it, said in interviews some ridiculous things, & pretty much exlemplifying the motto "eat drink & merry".  On the outside he's protraying this "I don't care about anything, I'm enjoying my life" persona but deep down there has to be a lot of hurt and pain.

It seems that Sheen is on a crash course and seemingly is okay with it.  I thought this was the case with "Pacman" as well but thankfully in Adam Jones' case I was wrong.  Jones has stayed out of trouble since he joined up with the Bengals.  In the Yahoo article, it talks about the changes he's made in his life including cutting out going to the clubs and spending more time with his fiancee and kids.  He's quoted in the article as saying "What am I sorry for?  There are a million things.  I’m sorry for everything.”

I don't know if at this point Jones has a personal relationship with Jesus.  The article does point out that it is a process that Jones is going through and he's not all the way there.  But it is encouraging.  From the man that gave the quote "It ain't no sin to go to the strip club" to be where he is now is encouraging and I hope that it continues.  And I wish the same for Sheen as well.   I do hope at some point Sheen can turn things around and begin a relationship with Christ.  Then indeed he will be winning.

(The Yahoo article on Jones can be found here)