Monday, October 18, 2010

Random Sports Reflections

It has been awhile since my last post but there hasn't been anything pressing so it's always good to throw up a few random reflections in bullet style points.

*A friend of mine had a tweet about the possibility of college football being an idol.  Now I know where my friend is coming from.  I know him from college and I'd consider him a good friend and he's a strong believer (and also a youth pastor which means he has a huge calling in my book) so I know he's not like sports is evil.  Though there are some people that do have that feeling.  To them I would say this.  Sports is not evil.  It is like anything.  It is good and honoring to God....if it is in the proper relationship to Him.  If sports is put above God, then yes it is an idol.  However, anything can be put above God and hence become an idol.  Food, friends, one's spouse, anything can become idol.  But those things in an of themselves aren't bad.  God created those things to be enjoyed in the proper place.  And I feel that sports is one of those things.  Do some people make sports their idol...yes.  But one should not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Sports can be an instrument for God to be glorified.  It's about keeping it in the proper perspective.

*I thought it was really cool (though I don't like Texas) the celebration the Rangers had in their locker room following their ALDS series victory.  They celebrated with ginger ale, because they wanted to include OF Josh Hamilton in the celebration.  Hamilton, a follower of Jesus and a recovering alcoholic, skipped the AL West clinching win celebration because they used champagne because he didn't want to be tempted to drink.  This time his teammates used ginger ale.  I respect Hamilton because he's someone who has made mistakes, owned up to those mistakes and continues to move forward and be honest about his faith and his struggles.  That is something that should be an encouragement to all believers as we struggle to live out our faith on a daily basis.

*Speaking of baseball, all the teams I rooted for in the Division series lost....which means I'm stuck with four teams that I'm not really fans of (or don't like at all).  I'm pulling for whoever wins in the National League.

*Hockey season has started as well and the Predators are 3-0-1 in their first 4 games...not bad at all :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fan Appreciation Night 2010....Ninth Royals Game of 2010

Saturday night was the ninth Royals game and the last one of the year that I attended.  I went along with my friends Kyle, Lane and Tyler.  It has been a tradition to go to Fan Appreciation Night so this year was no exception.  It involves giveaways, raffles and other stuff like that.  Plus the opponent was the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays who were fighting for first place in the AL East.  So it made for a good night.

The giveaway at the gate was a Royals Snuggie or a "Sluggie".  Got to enjoy a free Snuggie.  Throughout the night they were giving away prizes with those who have the ticket drawn.  They also had raffle tickets they were selling to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House, those who won got the jerseys off the players' back.  Neither of those did I win.  I did win something and there was a interesting story behind it.  So normally when I go to the game I buy a program.  This time was no exception.  After I got past the gate and picked up my snuggie I went by a stand to pick up a program.  The lady standing there looked at me and said "You know what?  I'm going to give you the winning program".  In every program there is a page called the "Lucky Page Giveaway".  If there is an autograph on the page, you win a prize.  So when I heard that I was kinda like I didn't know what she meant so she told me what she meant.  She did this while reaching underneath the stand and pulling a program out from underneath.  When I figured it out I was thinking "There's no way she's doing that."  So after I found my seat and got food and ate, I pulled out the program and looked at the page.  Sure enough, there was an autograph of Josh Fields (3rd Baseman) on the page.  So I went to Guest Services to pick up what I won.  I ended up with $20 worth of gift certificates at a local sub shop.  So that was cool.

The game itself wasn't too good.  The Royals put up 8 hits and had a couple more runners on top of that.  Yet....they did not score a run.  The Royals just couldn't put up runs.  The Rays got 4 runs and that was more than enough.  The Rays did set a Major League record for the most pitchers used in a 9 inning game for a shutout with 8 pitchers.  One of those was ace starting pitcher David Price, Tennessee native, who threw an inning in relief.  So in the end the Royals lost 4-0.

At the end of the 2010 season the Royals finished 4-5 in games I attended (3-1 in games that i wore the powder blue jersey, 1-0 in the royal blue jersey) and for teams i rooted for 6-3.  Hopefully next season will be better for both the Royals and the Mariners.